As a recording studio that has many clients performing all 
types of music, we need to have the condition and tuning of 
our Steinway maintained to the highest standard.  We don't 
really allow anyone but Rob work on the piano and he has 
proven to be an excellent craftsman, as well as being 
reasonably priced and accomodating to our hectic schedule.  
When clients ask who tunes our piano, they are always glad 
to know it's Rob.  

Jackie and Dave Kaspersin
Dynamic Recording Studio

Robert Edwardsen has been a hard-working, very professional member of our team here at the University for nineteen years. We are always extremely satisfied withhis responsiveness, accessibility, and the quality of service he provides. Our 50+ pianos are in great shape, thanks to Rob! Whether it's piano tuning, repair,rebuilding, or refinishing, we can depend on Rob for excellent service andcraftsmanship that is second to none. He is a good friend of the Music Department, and a great person to work with. Josef Hanson Concert Manager at the University of Rochester
It has been a pleasure to benefit from Rob Edwardsen¹s expertise for over 20 years. We were privileged in the 1980¹s to have Rob as a piano teacher for all three of our children who he inspired to make classical music an important part of their lives. In another venue, Rob distinguished himself as an insightful and meticulous tuner of our pianos both at our home and at work. He has always been reliable, punctual, professional in demeanor and a pleasure to work with. He is a demanding and talented craftsman who has rebuilt two pianos for us (a Chickering and a Steinway A) transforming them into beautiful instruments which we have been blessed to have in our home. Rob is an incomparable craftsman and a talented musician in his own right. In brief, I would entrust our piano to no other person and it is a pleasure to give Rob my highest recommendation. Webster H. Pilcher, MD, PhD Professor and Chair Department of Neurosurgery University of Rochester Medical Center
This year will be my 25th year in Rochester, and at the Eastman School of Music. During most of this time, Rob Edwardsen has maintained my pianos first a Kawai KG1 that my wife (also a pianist) and I brought with us from Texas, and, for the last eleven years, a Schimmel Concert Chamber (6’10") Grand. He’s done a terrific job with regular tuning of both pianos. Moreover, since he’s worked with the Schimmel since it was new, I’ve very much appreciated his adjustment of the Renner action and his sensitive voicing of the instrument. He’s also rescued some rather marginal instruments that I was committed to play, which certainly made those gigs much more pleasurable. And I owe him many thanks (as do my students, indirectly) for our conversations about tuning and historical temperaments over the years. I recommend Rob enthusiastically for piano tuning, voicing and general maintenance at the highest level. Robert Wason Professor of Music Theory and Affiliate Faculty in the Department of Jazz Studies and Contemporary Media, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester.
Rob Edwardsen began tuning my upright piano in 1988 when we first moved to Rochester. I told him how much I wanted a grand piano, and asked him to please let me know if he heard of a good one for sale at a price we could afford. Over the years as he tuned our piano once or twice a year, I would ask him about this, but nothing in our price range came up. Finally in May of 2006 I got the call Rob had found an old 1905 Weber grand piano available through an estate sale. He said it was a terrific piano, and we took his word for it, because it sounded terrible and looked even worse! It had been neglected for decades. Rob assured us that he could restore it to its former glory, so we decided to trust him and agreed to purchase the piano for $350 and let him work on it. By Christmas, we had a "brand new" piano, complete with new strings, a perfect finish, and the most amazing sound you could imagine. The cost of restoration was worth every penny, and now we have a great-sounding, gorgeous instrument that we play daily. Not only that, but Rob continues to service the piano for no extra charge, because new strings go out of tune quickly. He even fixed a small nick in the finish! We had the piano appraised for insurance purposes and learned that it is worth three times more than we paid to have it restored. I was so excited to have a new piano that I was inspired, after eight years of living here, to remove the ugly old wallpaper in our living room and paint it myself. I bought several lamps and rearranged the furniture, and voila! We have a whole new space! Thanks, Rob, for making it possible for us to look forward to a lifetime of making beautiful music. Lisa Cooney
Dear Rob, The piano arrived safely last Thursday. It looks wonderful. I really appreciate everything from you at every step of the process. It was a big decision for me and while I still need to do a little arranging in my smallish apartment to give this beautiful instrument justice, for players and listeners, it is great to have it here. I do have alot of music, most beyond my ability, but ironically I received an unsolicited piece of mail last week -- 50 great pianos pieces, some of which look pretty manageable for me! In the meantime, it has reminded me of many happy memories of both my parents and friends playing, and some painful ones of my own practicing (ask Sr. Beverly Jones :)). I hope our paths cross again. Please feel free to give my name as a pleased client should the opportunity arise. Regards, Anne **************************************** Anne Gefell Academic Department Administrator Department of Music 621 Dodge Hall - MC 1813 Columbia University New York, New York 10027